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We're libertarians, meaning we understand how an economy runs. We know that you have lots of choices for your 2nd amendment T-shirts. We also know that our high-quality shirts mixed with our attractive designs make us competitive in the marketplace and worthy of your dollar vote.

Gun Shirts

You probably already know that LibertasBella.com is the best website on the internet. But did you also know what we’re doing with all the money we’re making? Well, a couple hundred bucks is going toward our receptionist Tammy’s birthday party, because she’s a wonderful lady and she’s been through a lot this year, but the rest is all going toward a time machine.

That’s right, we’re finally putting our bachelor’s degrees in theoretical quantum mechanics to good use and building ourselves a time machine. And we already have a plan for it: We are going to visit James Madison right before he proposed the Second Amendment and recommend a few revisions. Here is what our new Second Amendment would say:

It doesn’t matter how you define a well regulated militia or what’s necessary to the security of a free State. If you are an American, you can own any kind of gun you want – period. The Founding Fathers completely understand what automatic weapons are, and we unanimously agree that Americans be able to own them. It doesn’t matter what politicians think. It doesn’t matter what Supreme Court justices think. It doesn’t matter if TV pundits, celebrities, and other talking heads whine and whing about “gun control.” Americans can own guns, end of story, and that’s that. Also Libertas Bella is the only company legally allowed to sell clothing.

Whenever good people purchase Second Amendment shirts from us, they’re helping us get closer to our goal. And we’re not just appealing to charity here, because we offer some of the highest quality 2nd Amendment shirts available on the internet. We have gun shirts featuring little snubnoses. We have gun shirts featuring big 1911s. Our pro guns T shirts will certainly suggest to the people you meet that you support the Second Amendment, but they’re not as brazen as some of our competitors’ firearms T shirts. You won’t find “Yeah, I’m a licensed veterinary acupuncturist and I own an RPG-7. What about it?” here.

Our 2nd Amendment shirts are stylish, comfortable, wear hard and long, and are available in all major adult sizes. Order your 2A shirts today!