Do you love Magic Internet Money? And we’re not talking about crypto in general – we’re talking about the supremely versatile stablecoin you can earn by using Abracadabra.Money. Show off your good investment strategies by flaunting some fine Abracadabra merch in public!

Abracadabra. Finance

Magic Internet Money. It sounds like something some fuddy-duddy boomer financial advisor would call crypto. He’d pull that bon mot out at the monthly Elk’s Club roast beef dinner to get a few hearty, sensible chuckles out of his chums, and then go on to offer his thoughts about pork futures or whatever it is fuddy-duddy boomer financial advisors like to busy themselves with.

And you know what? This hypothetical guy sounds like a real nice fella. Heck, we’ll say it – a straight shooter, even! But he’s missing the point. Magic Internet Money is real, and Abracadabra.Money aficionados are using it to convert their interest-bearing crypto into virtually any stablecoins that they desire.

Abracadabra isn’t just another DeFi lending platform in a sea of functionally identical DeFi lending platforms. It lets you plug in other protocols’ interest-bearing tokens in exchange for Magic Internet Money, which you can then trade for whichever brands of digital dough you might have your eye on. No one’s more powerful than an investor with a wallet full of MIM! And thanks in part to Abracadabra’s futuristic modular platform, you can assign an independent risk tolerance to each asset in your portfolio so you’re always certain to borrow less against the market’s riskier assets.

Maybe several decades from now you’ll make snarky remarks about new investment products at whichever animal-themed clubs’ roast beef dinners you attend, too. It won’t matter. Thanks to Abracadabra, you’ll be sitting on top of such a fat pile of assets that you won’t care which way the winds blow anymore. That’s the dream – to be wealthy and oblivious.

But there’s a second, smaller dream you can realize right now: owning some fine Abracadabra.Money merchandise, because we have it in stock and ready to ship out to the internet’s savviest surfers.