So you've completely replaced all your essential clothing items with the high-quality garments that grace this very site? What now? I mean, there is obviously still something missing in your look. Accessories of course! You can't wear that Ayn Rand hoodie without carrying around a Friedrich Hayek mug to go with it. Every fashionable Libertarian knows that.

Libertas Bella Accessories

Here at Libertas Bella we are thinking up new ideas for high quality accessories on a daily basis. Why, just this morning as we were about to tuck into our B&E at the breakfast table we slammed our fist down and shouted “Ah ha! We have just come up with an idea for a new high quality accessory!” This startled our wife and upset our dog, but we didn’t even care. Thats how deeply devoted we are to accessories.

“But what constitutes an accessory?” you, our beautiful customer, might ask. Well, that’s really rather complicated, but we don’t mind taking the time to tell you. That’s how dearly we value our customers, each of whom is without question the visible personification of absolute perfection and has breath that smells like peppermint.

An accessory, you see, is an article of genuine Libertas Bella merchandise that defies further classification. Look above and you might see a Libertas Bella hat, a Libertas Bella iPhone case, and a Libertas Bella dog bed. Does this mean you’re supposed to use all of these things at once, simultaneously shielding your eyes from the sun, checking your Twitter feed, and laying down with your dog? Not at all, because the only common thread these things share is that they are all accessories. Do you see? Very good then!

“But what else could you possibly tell me about accessories?” you, our stunning but unusually needy customer, might possibly be asking at this point. Well, what if we told you that our accessories are high quality? Good luck finding such high quality accessories on some other, less reputable online retailer’s site. No, when you buy a Libertas Bella accessory you can take total confidence that it’s going to last for ages. You’ll be able to proclaim your love for freedom and Libertas Bella for ages so long as you have one of our accessories. Imagine if you had two accessories!