Florida Man


Step into the future of freedom with our collection of designs as inspired the 1980s as tomorrow.

The Florida Man

Florida went from the unfairly maligned stepchild of American states to leading the nation in resistance to the COVID mob and just all-around American "devil may care" bad assery. For years we sat back and watched as the media pilloried the Sunshine State, but with increasing numbers of Americans abandoning their COVID dictatorships and heading off to the land of freedom, who's laughing now? It doesn't matter if you're a native Florida Man, a transplanted Florida Man, a Florida Man in spirit or even a Florida Woman. This is a shirt for anyone who loves the freedom, glamor, culture and excitement of America's fastest growing state. A great statement against the mainstream media's relentless mockery of Florida or just a cool way to let people know what state you're proud to be from.