What do all the freeloaders, second-raters and parasites share in common? That’s right – they despise hats. But the free man loves hats, and they love Libertas Bella hats most of all! Check out our beanies and ball caps before the government violates our God-given right to wear hats any further.


Hello there friend, and thank you for scrolling down to the bottom of the Libertas Bella hat collection page! You know, a lot of people think designing hats is easy. It is, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t go the extra mile to make sure we exclusively offer our customers a superlative hat-wearing experience.

When we first decided to make hats, everyone in our staff flew to Milan to study under the world-renowned milliner Giuseppe Hatticcini. Signore Hatticcini taught us the ancient arts of wood blocking, felt making, applying computer graphics to hats, and lawn bowling after you’ve had your fifth anisette of the evening.

Then we pressed eastward to the snowy mountain tops of the Himalayas. That’s where we achieved hat nirvana under the guidance of His Holiness Lhamo Hathmandu. We saw our own inner hats, and appreciated that the entire universe is just one big hat which every spirit wears together.

We spent the last leg of our hat fact-finding trip touring Hollywood, in hopes of discovering what kinds of hats the movie stars are all wearing. We didn’t actually see any celebrities, but we were invited to go and blow kisses at a giant gold statue of L. Ron Hubbard. The statue was not wearing a hat so we politely declined.

Once we had all become hat connoisseurs, we returned to our state-of-the-art hat design studio and put everything we had learned to work. And here is what we came up with: comfortable, American-made beanies and baseball caps with Libertas Bella graphics on them. These indescribably fashionable hats represent liberty, independence, free will, and the concept of hats in general.

Our hat collection is part of the Liberts Bella Gives™  program. For every hat we sell, we deposit a portion of the profits into our owners’ personal bank accounts.