Holiday Picks 2020


Ho ho ho! It’s the Libertas Bella 2020 holiday collection! You can be a saint and order fine clothing and accessories for all of your freedom-loving friends and family members. Or you can be a grinch and keep it all for yourself! And in the true spirit of Christmas, all sales are final!

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The Holiday Picks for 2020

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

All of the mice had been forcibly ejected.

They did not own the house – thus their rights weren’t protected.


The libertarians were nestled all snug in their beds

While visions of laissez-faire capitalism danced in their heads.

They’d discussed what they wanted for Christmas that night

While freely associating over dinner, as is their right.


“I’d like a new sled,” said Johnny, “and maybe a kayak,

And a sweatshirt bearing the likeness of Friedrich Hayek.”

“I want a new drum,” said Billy, “to play in my band,

And a sweatshirt that shows how much I love Ayn Rand!”


“Boys, boys, settle down,” said Papa, so proud,

“Santa will help you stand out from the crowd,

Because I happen to know that the jolly old fella

Is bringing you gifts from Libertas Bella!”


That morning the two boys both raced to the tree

Without pushing (which violates the NAP)

And lo and behold – their father was right –

Santa had brought wonderful things in the dead of the night!


There were T-shirts that support the Second Amendment

According to the Founding Fathers’ initial intendment.

There were hoodies with noteworthy libertarian thinkers

Rothbard and Friedman and Hayek – no stinkers!


These were the finest gifts Johnny and Billy ever would see

Because each one celebrated their God-given liberty:

Their right to bear arms, and their freedom of choice,

And individualism in general. It was all very noice.


Is there a gun nut or libertarian on your shopping list?

Then you better buy something from us or else they will be upset!