Libertarian T-Shirts


We know that you are a free-thinking individual that doesn't take too kindly to being told what to do. We respect that.  And for that reason, we won't tell you to make the right choice and buy one of these T-shirts - you're smart, you know what to do.

Libertarian Shirts

We remember all the way back to when we were just a little kid in preschool. One day Miss Bellavance handed out orange slices to all the kids, but we didn’t want any. Why? Because we didn’t like Miss Bellavance.

In retrospect Miss Bellavance was a wonderful lady. She was a preschool teacher in full, complete with a vast collection of statement necklaces and a festive brooch to match every holiday. But so long as Miss Bellavance was in control of the classroom, we felt she was our natural born enemy.

We’re sure we took a nap shortly after refusing to eat orange slices and woke up a more agreeable kid. But that inner voice, that inherent distrust of authority figures, would persist into adulthood. We will never accept a politician or bureaucrat’s offer of safety in exchange for some of our freedom. We thumb our nose at nanny goats and so we are libertarians.

Libertas Bella’s foremost value is libertarianism. We’re not extremists – we love our mailman Herbert to pieces, but we get increasingly skeptical about “public servants” as they rise higher and higher up the food chain.

This means if you’re after a libertarian T shirt, you have come to the right place. In conceiving our libertarian shirts we started with the necessities of comfortable, durable fabric and smart tailoring. But as we kept conceiving, we imagined what the perfect libertarian shirt ought to be. Stylish, yet subtle, with graphics that would appeal to the thinker and not the reactionary. After so much thought and design we are proud to offer the fine liberty T shirts you see on our site today.

Don’t eat the orange slices – order any one of these sweet Libertas Bella liberty tees instead!