Libertas Bella Hoodies


Does your blood beat to the sounds of liberty and freedom? Do you wake up in the morning and think - "What I am going to do today? Whatever I want to do that's what." Sounds like you are exactly the type of person that would rock the name of the goddess Libertas proudly across one of these finely made hoodies.

Libertas Bella Hoodie

Has there ever been a more useful or versatile piece of clothing than the hoodie?

First you have to consider the hoodie’s defining feature: the hood. This you can flip over your head the instant you feel rain or a chill, simultaneously giving yourself a mysterious vibe that members of the opposite sex (or the same sex, if you prefer) will find themselves unable to resist. You can even store small objects in a hoodie’s hood for convenient access later on – hard boiled eggs to consume after a workout, for example, or parmesan cheese packets in case you receive a plate of inadequately seasoned spaghetti.

Next comes that indispensable central pocket. Tuck your hands in there and you’ll defeat the cold in an instant, as well as protect your new nail polish application from contamination and smearing. Once again the hoodie offers convenient storage space. In our own hoodie pocket we like to subtly hide a Barrett M82 anti-materiel precision rifle for personal protection. There is no better way to defend yourself against a mugger who is standing two miles away, or most dinosaurs for that matter.

How could a hoodie get better? There’s only one way, and that’s if Libertas Bella makes it. We exclusively fabricate our fine hoodies from a balanced weave of cotton and polyester, providing the ideal blend of warmth and breathability. Our classic fit sweatshirt runs true to size, so you can do away with the worry that yours won’t perfectly complement your elegantly contoured torso.

Perhaps best of all, our hoodies are printed right here in the greatest country on earth – America – with our own striking Libertas Bella logo. Order an officially branded Libertas Bella sweatshirt and you’ll never again have to answer that age-old question: “Where did you get that hoodie?!”