Men's T-Shirts


Imagine a man doing something exceptionally manly. Maybe he's trimming his beard with an axe, or riding a bear, or catching a fish with his bare hands. Whatever it is that he is doing, ask yourself this, what is he wearing? A T-shirt, that's what.

Libertarian Men's T-Shirts

Before we’re accused of any kind of sexism or tax evasion, let us go on the record by stating that anyone can order a Libertas Bella men’s T-shirt regardless of their sex or gender or whatever you’ve got. We do reserve the right to only sell our T-shirts to people who can actually afford them, however. We’re saving up for a tax evasion lawyer – which we totally don’t need – as well as a fake passport and a one-way plane ticket to Brazil as a backup plan.

Our T-shirts are paragons of the fashionwear world. They are made of lightweight polyester fabric, so our Texan and Floridian friends can look good for longer than three minutes after leaving the house before they are drenched in sweat. We take every effort to make sure our T-shirts are true to size. We once ordered a men’s large T-shirt from a Chinese company, and what we received in the mail was just about the right size for a large male hamster. None of that on We have done away with tags, those horrible things that scrape against your neck all day in case you ever need to check and see what size shirt you’re wearing. We have included two arm holes for your arms.

But best of all, our T-shirts stand for things. Some declare that their wearer is not a gun nut, but a gun connoisseur. Others bear important political symbols that have been hoisted by great Americans throughout history. Others suggest their wearer’s political leanings, or fondness for a great libertarian figure. You think Big Clothing would ever put Murray Rothbard on a T-shirt? Not bloody likely.

So before we go to minimum security prison or Rio de Janeiro for reasons that do not involve tax evasion, please give us the satisfaction of knowing you are an exceptionally well dressed man or woman who chooses to wear men’s T-shirts.