Soldier of the Plandemic


It’s dramatic to depict the Soldier of the Plandemic as an armored thug pointing a dripping syringe at your throat. (That’s why we did it – we like drama.) But never forget that the REAL Soldiers of the Plandemic are regular people who demand the violation of your rights so they can feel safer.

Soldier of the Plandemic

Do you know the scariest thing about the Soldiers of the Plandemic? They aren’t jackbooted gendarmes going door to door with syringes instead of bayonets on their rifles. They’re regular people, doing it for free and with the same verve we once saw in the Brownshirts and the Red Guard.  

Can’t blame the government for doing it that way. Deputizing volunteer morons is a far safer move than giving rifles to a small army of men whom you might find yourself unable to pay someday. 

The government sold a big, scary lie to a horde of eager customers: That a disease which is only marginally more lethal than the flu is worth shredding the Bill of Rights over. Destroying the economy over. Worth taking untested medications over. To accept these things is virtuous. To rail against them and fight back is conspiratorial. You are one of the wingnut anti-vaxxers which the media did its damnedest to demonize during the years leading up to the plandemic. 

Those who bought in aren’t content to swaddle their mugs in cotton and cancel their winter trips to Mexico. They insist that your kids be marched down their schools’ tiled corridors at arm’s length. They lend their full support to politicians who’ll gladly shut down churches and small businesses in the name of public welfare. They insist that you become a second-class citizen for refusing an injection which doesn’t prevent a disease’s symptoms or transmission. 

“For your safety.” This is the prelude to the erection of every totalitarian state that has ever existed. We now live in an era filled with weak men and women, who would sacrifice their rights and your own just for a glimpse of safety, blithely unaware that the greatest threat to safety is the very force which promises it.