2nd Amendment


“There is nothing so likely to produce peace as to be well prepared to meet an enemy.”
– George Washington

The Second Amendment doesn’t give you the right to bear arms. It simply acknowledges that you were born with it. Celebrate your birthright with our Second Amendment collection!

The Second Amendment Collection

Here is what every argument against the Second Amendment boils down to: “We understand that it says ‘shall not be infringed,’ but we really, really, really need to infringe it!”


And so, little by little, they try and try to infringe. They banned virtually all automatic weapons, because it is completely reasonable that the only organization in America which is legally allowed to kill should exclusively have them. Owning a bump stock is now the legal equivalent of selling black tar heroin to Girl Scout Brownies.


If you live in Illinois and are under 18 you cannot buy a rifle without your parents’ consent. You do not need their permission to join the Army, of course, but in that case your rifle will still be government property. And if you’re a Californian … well, then our hearts go out to you. At this rate you soon won’t be able to own so much as a slingshot, and even then it will probably require bubble wrap wrapped around its handle.


We are surrounded on all sides by ferocious enemies of the Second Amendment. They sit in the capitol buildings and the courthouses. They spit vitriol across the airways and alongside blue checkmarks. Even Europeans, when they are not busy dodging linoleum knives and cargo trucks, often chime in to whine about America’s barbaric right to bear arms.


Do anti-gunners fail to comprehend the Second Amendment? Would they stop their frothing if they could only be led to understand that it merely acknowledges a God-given right rather than granting one? Or that drones and Hellfire missiles are useless to any tyrannical government which seeks to enforce a police state, as guns make it impossible to efficiently haul away dissidents in the dead of the night?


It really doesn’t matter. At best anti-gunners think they’re saving us from ourselves. At worst they wish to enslave us. No impassioned defense of something so petty as “rights” will sway nanny goats and aspiring despots.


Yet in spite of their limitless enthusiasm to disarm America, their mastery over the public discourse, and their sheer white hot hatred for you and for which everything you stand, you say to them: “shall not be infringed.”