You’re still using centralized finance protocol to exchange crypto? What, does your computer run on whale oil or something? The real crypto masters have all embraced decentralized finance protocol, and the crème de la crème de la crème prefer Uniswap.

Try explaining blockchain to your great-grandma. We’re certain she’s a lovely lady, and possibly one of the world’s leading authorities on the music of Lawrence Welk and baking strawberry ladyfinger icebox cakes, but the mere mention of crypto is likely to evoke little more than a glassy stare from the dear old biddy. 

We predict people a few decades from now are going to have the same sort of reaction to the concept of centralized finance protocol. They may not necessarily fail to comprehend notions like single authority governance, low liquidity, order book-based trading, closed source code, and sharing private keys with intermediaries. What they won’t grasp is why any crypto trader in their right mind would put up with such antiquated things.

This is because decentralized finance protocol is the future of crypto. Take Uniswap, for instance. It’s not owned by any one person, so in essence it’s owned by everyone. That’s true egalitarianism in action, which embodies the true spirit of crypto. It is open source to empower anyone to create their own decentralized exchange. (Well, not literally anyone. You still have to understand code, and not just the kind that lets you cheat at Contra.) Uniswap does away with the problem of liquidity, so there’s no more sitting around waiting for a buyer to manifest themself. And it even gives users absolute autonomy over their private keys. You wouldn’t give anyone the key to your house unless they were coming over to bake you lasagna. So why on earth would you share your cryptographic key with someone you’ve never met?

In short, we love Uniswap; its versatility, its accessibility, its privacy, and even its pretty pink unicorn logo. That’s why we’re honoring the revolutionary DEX with its own collection of clothing and accessories.

We also love everything about cryptocurrency – most of all having it. That’s why we accept crypto as payment for everything we offer on LibertasBella.com. Sometimes it’s better to have a T-shirt than HODL.