The AR-15 T-Shirt - Women's

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Don’t you find it curious that the rationale most often given by elites for banning the AR-15 is something to do with “public safety?” Any glance at any statistics reveals that the overwhelming majority of gun violence is committed with handguns – yet the outcry against them isn’t nearly as strident.

Granted, the AR-15 looks scary (if you’re a pussy), but that’s not why it is so hated by the ones seeking supremacy. They hate it because it is the modern day equivalent of the noose we reserve for the necks of tyrants. Aspiring tyrants should hate such a thing very much.

Outside of its obvious utility as a tool for justified insurrection, the AR-15 is especially invaluable for the ease with which it is constructed, maintained, and modified. How horrifying it must be for the aspiring tyrant, to know that “their” people need only a handful of bits and bobs to construct the rifle capable of making their police state inoperable.

This T-shirt pays homage to those very bits and bobs that keep despots in their corner. It proudly displays the lower receivers, vice clamps, screwdrivers and hammers that the amateur gunsmith assures his own freedom with. Wear this fine shirt in public and the enlightened will see you as one of their own. If an anti-gunner asks you for its meaning, simply tell them it’s the album art from a Tool record.


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