Come and Take It Sticker

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Come and take it. This sentiment, while brief, is one of the final bulwarks Americans have to protect their God-given Second Amendment rights.

They can demonize gun owners in every piece of media they crank out. Portray us as toothless bumpkins who practice matchmaking at family reunions all you like. We can handle it. We have much thicker skin than you. 

They can elect chinless bureaucrats who preach about how much safer the streets will become once we disarm law-abiding citizens. Their influence won’t reach us. We can do just fine outside of their rat-infested cities.

They can prattle ad nauseum about how disarming a free citizenry is a requisite to creating a safer future for our children. We won’t buy it. They’ve proven time and time over that our children’s welfare is the furthest thing from their minds.

They screech and they whine and they plead: “Please be reasonable and forfeit the one apparatus which guarantees you will never become a slave to our tyranny. Just hand over your gun! We do have nukes and F-15s, after all, so a ragtag militia can never stand up to us so long as you don’t count Vietnam and Afghanistan.”

And we tell them no – come and take it. But saying it over and over again does become tiresome, which is why you need a Come and Take It sticker.