Future Cannon Mug

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In 1831, the Mexican government sent the Texan settlers of Gonzales a small cannon to use for defense against Comanche raids. Four years later, the Mexican government asked for their gun back, and in doing so they made a fundamental mistake. You just don’t ask for Texans to relinquish their weapons, full stop.
Mexico sent 100 dragoons to take the cannon back. The cavalrymen were met by 150 thoroughly pissed off Texans, who killed two of them and drove the rest away. The cannon remains safe and sound in Texas to this day. (We think – it was buried for safety prior to the altercation, although its precise whereabouts remain unknown.)
Texans fought under the Come and Take It Flag during the Battle of Gonzales. It is one of American history’s most poignant standards thanks to its simplicity: a star, a gun, and a challenge to come and take said gun if you dare.
But the Come and Take It Flag looks admittedly dated. Nineteenth century Texan settlers didn’t have access to Photoshop or .tif files, which is why we took it upon ourselves to modernize the great old flag’s design. As a forward-looking company we decided on a Vaporwave aesthetic, because in the future everything’s going to be funky shades of pink and blue. There will also be hyperintelligent crystal beings from the Andromeda galaxy in the future, but we didn’t have room to include them.