The Libertas Bella Dog Tag

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Official Libertas Bella Dog Tag

Here is our radical stance. Do you know that thing called liberty? You know, the one that prevents other people from controlling you? We’re completely in favor of it. We believe you deserve to be free.

How you enjoy that freedom is up to you. Maybe you believe you should be able to do business however you please. Maybe you believe you should be able to associate with whomever you please. Maybe you want to dress up in a giant dog costume and go to a convention of like-minded people in SeaTac. If it doesn’t bother us, go and get it.

(The dog costume thing is kind of weird, though.)

Libertas Bella stands for beautiful liberty. Our customers look to us for apparel that expresses their love for freedom, however they define it. And when you wear one of our officially branded dog tags? Well, shucks, that’s just about the most flattering thing you could do for us. And you’ll look good in the meantime! 

We still have to charge you for the dog tag, of course. We made it ourselves and it is therefore the product of our own labor. Plus we’re saving up for a company jet ski.

.: White print side
.: Printed in the USA
.: One size
.: Beaded aluminum chain included