The Moultrie Flag T-Shirt

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On paper the Battle of Sullivan's Island looks like it ought to have gone to the British, but the redcoats failed to account for three things about Fort Sullivan. First, it was surrounded by waters too deep for an invading force to wade across. Second, it was constructed of palmetto logs which are supple enough to absorb a fusillade without splintering. Third – and most importantly – it was full of pissed off South Carolinians.

Southern marksmanship finally proved insurmountable to the British. Most of their ships were at least moderately damaged, and 220 of them were killed or wounded. The South Carolinians lost only 12 of their own and won the battle in the process. 

At one point the flag that Moultrie had commissioned before the battle was shot down, but one exceptional sergeant hoisted it back up again to rally his companions. This dark blue flag, with its crescent moon bearing the word “Liberty,” would soon become the symbol of the great state of South Carolina and her triumph over her enemies.

Even if you are not so fortunate as to have been born a South Carolinian, you can still wear their emblem with pride. This comfortable T-shirt bears Moultrie’s crescents and declares that you’re not to be f***ed with.


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