The 9MM Mug

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Once upon a time in the fairytale land of Germany, old man Georg Luger dreamt of a new pistol with an improved toggle lock and a smaller grip. Luger went to his magical workshop at a company with an impossibly long German name, and he designed a cartridge that would make his dream come true.
Luger named his creation the 9x19mm Parabellum. He is excused for giving the cartridge a metric name, because Europeans don’t know any better. But why the Latin? Because it is short for Luger’s company motto: “Si vis pacem, para bellum” – If you seek peace, prepare for war.
Now, we’re not in the business of preparing for conflict. Making comfortable and fashionable T-shirts takes up all of our time. But if you own a box of Luger’s world-changing cartridges and a piece of steel to load them in, you’re already better prepared than most.
Drink your piping hot black coffee from this mug and smile despite burning your tongue (you probably should've waited for it to cool). Raise your mug to your right to bear arms and the awesome guns that you get to use because of that very right.