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Managing editor for The Libertarian Institute. Co-producer of the critically acclaimed documentary The Monopoly on Violence. Host of the Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast. He’s Peter R. Quinones, and he’s a one-man army fighting for freedom and liberty.


We really captured Peter’s raw energy in this saucy graphic. See his expression right there? That’s the face Peter makes whenever someone says something stupid, and he makes it a lot these days. Advocate in favor of something like greater government control over the free market, restriction of free speech in the interest of public safety, or accepting anything reported by the mainstream media as gospel, and man, are you ever going to get it.


But Peter isn’t reeling back that microphone because he intends to clock you over the head with it. That would be a gross violation of the NAP, and microphones are very expensive. No, Peter’s about to spit some serious libertarian truth bars at you. It’s the man’s bread and butter, and if you’re a regular listener of Free Man Beyond the Wall then you’ve come to rely on one of the few men of reason remaining in a world gone bananas.


And do you see the detail in that goatee? You’re not going to get that from a second-rate libertarian podcast’s official merchandise.


Any similarity to actual Greek kings, living or dead, is purely coincidental.