The Libertas Bella News Mug

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The mainstream media. The legacy press. The controlled news. Call it what you want, it all amounts to the same thing: psyops, false flags and straight up bullsh*t. It's not just the "left" that wants to help Big Government, Big Tech and Big Money take your rights away. There are plenty of toadies for the powers that be in the nominally "conservative" and "libertarian" media as well. 

That's why we started Libertas Bella News. We wanted to give our customers easy access to the truth -- about the Biden Regime and its surveillance state, about the Branch Covidian cult and its scare tactics, about cancel culture and its network of freelance snitches. 

The truth is out there, but it can be hard to find. We wanted to make it easy for two reasons: First, to arm you with the facts you need to inform those around you who might be skeptical of the propaganda and lies they're surrounded by, but haven't taken the redpill yet. Second, because we believe that the truth is liberating and empowering. We want you walking away from your morning coffee knowing the demons out there lurking in the swamp, but feeling fully confident that these paper tigers can be defeated. 

And while we were at it, we thought we'd make a cool mug for you to wear and help get the word out. We designed this mug to be an attractive way for you advertise to the truth to everyone you see. 

Now get out there and fight tyranny!