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Only three types of people know the Greek alphabet: nerds, frat boys and Greeks. (Greek frat boys know it especially well.) But if you’re none of those things, you might wonder what ZeroHedge’s logo is all about.
That right there is a capital theta: Θ. Despite inventing civilization, the Greeks never figured out that you can just put T and H together to make a th sound. You might have thought that Thrasymachus could have come up with th halfway through drinking a vat of wine at the weekly symposium, but history is full of disappointments.
So why did ZeroHedge, one of the world’s few remaining actual news sources, adopt the theta as their logo? You can’t deny that the philosophical connotations are welcome. People see Greek letters and they start thinking about the universal truths spat by giants of intellectualism like Plato and Aristotle. Or they start thinking about doing keg stands, another revered Western cultural tradition.
But in reality, ZeroHedge’s logo doesn’t stand for something so high-falutin. The theta just combines the two first characters in their name: a big old goose egg and the letter H. Mystery vanquished.
Then again, the ZeroHedge logo does stand for something indisputably high concept: real news. When you proudly bear ZeroHedge’s logo, you’re declaring your support for journalists who are unafraid of reporting the truth. It’s not a lucrative practice in today’s censor’s paradise, which is why your support matters so much.