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I am Jack’s official ZeroHedge merchandise.
Regular readers of ZeroHedge know that Tyler Durden writes a lot of their articles. How did one of the internet’s last remaining actual news sources get a fictional character on their staff? Trade secret, my friend. Trade secret.
Why does Tyler Durden inspire? Look – it doesn’t hurt that he’s sporting a set of abs which makes him look like he’s smuggling an eight-pack of King's Hawaiian rolls underneath his Goodwill T-shirt. But he also represents what all men aspire to be. Charismatic. Confident. A natural leader (even if his followers are technically domestic terrorists). Tyler Durden is a man who untethered his red dog and drinks beer. He’s possibly a homeowner, and he’s not even real.
Why does ZeroHedge credit so many of their stories to the Fight Club character? Not because they share his more extreme viewpoints. It would be nice if everyone’s credit scores were deleted, but any solutions which can’t come to fruition without truck bombs are inherently distasteful. 
ZeroHedge just wants to embrace Tyler Durden’s good-hearted anarchic spirit, and also protect their journalists’ anonymity in an era when so many axes are kept razor-sharp for anyone who fails to adhere to THE MESSAGE™. Can’t have the pink-haired puritan brigade showing up at ZeroHedge journalists’ houses. They’d ruin the grass.
At the end of the day, what better way is there to espouse an anarchic spirit than by buying stuff?