2nd Amendment Sweatshirts


Our 2nd Amendment sweatshirts are the perfect solution to all those times that you have stood in front of your closet and thought "I want to stay warm - it is a chilly day - but I want to make sure people know that I own a gun." Those are the exact mental struggles that would be solved if you just bought one of these sweatshirts today.

Gun Sweatshirts

It’s a shame that guns have to be so heavily politicized. All differences aside, we are sure even the most rabid anti-gunner would enjoy popping a few cans out back with a 22. Hunting would be a tougher sell, of course. We doubt the average pink-haired Greenwich Villager would enjoy the hike, let alone the part where you whack Bambi.

But nevertheless, guns are always a hot button issue. We’re endlessly told that we’d be so much less violent, so much nicer without them. Many politicians campaign on the sole platform that they will make guns harder to get under their guidance. “Just let the state take care of you,” they advise. “We will make you safe.

Listen, we’re not going to go into all the reasons why disarming a citizenry is a bad idea. Since you’re on LibertasBella.com you probably already know them and agree with us. If you don’t, however, you’re almost certainly too proud to change your position on guns based on something you read on a website that sells Second Amendment sweatshirts.

Which brings us to the subject of Second Amendment sweatshirts! Did you know that we sell them?

Libertas Bella has a great selection of gun sweatshirts in stock and ready to ship out at a moment’s notice. We use that good fabric – you know what we’re talking about – and adorn each gun sweatshirt with a thought-provoking design. Except for the Nine, that just says “9x19mm” over and over again, but it certainly looks cool!

Whether you want one of our comfortable and long-lasting gun sweatshirts so you can make a political statement, or you simply need to look as stylish as humanly possible, you need shop with no other online retailer. Heck, make LibertasBella.com your homepage if you like.