Libertas Bella Long Sleeves


Every day you are faced with an endless number of choices. Will you brush your teeth for the recommended 2 minutes or stop when your morning breath is gone? Do you take the time to cook something healthy or grab a pop tart? Will you look like a sadsack or put on the Libertas Bella long sleeve and feel like a god? The choice is yours.

Libertas Bella Long Sleeve Shirts

It seems like a lot of people got a tattoo that they wound up regretting. We hopped on the Chinese character bandwagon early on, so we asked the tattoo artist to give us “二头肌” on our bicep. It stands for bicep. But all the guy had for reference back in the days before the internet was a takeout menu, so we had to settle for “虾多士” instead. It means shrimp toast.

There are many such sad examples. We know a guy who is stuck with haggard homemade tattoos because his underdeveloped teenage brain made him think it would be a really good idea to have his stoner buddy crudely etch the Van Halen logo into his arm. And the poor ladies out there who thought they’d be so unique with a flock of birds flying above an inspirational quote – not so much, as it turns out.

And we’re sure the age of bad tattoos has only begun. Imagine how many zoomers are going to have to explain their trendy meme tattoos to their grandchildren one day. “I keep telling you, the gorilla on my arm is named Harambe and for some reason we all cared when he was shot!”

But no matter how bad your tattoos might be, they’re no match for a long sleeve shirt. Heck, even if your arms are as pure as the driven snow, maybe you’d just like a long sleeve shirt to keep them that way. Beekeepers never leave home without one!

Understanding that you need a long sleeve shirt is the hard part. Picking the right one is easy. Our Libertas Bella long sleeves bears our sleek logo across the chest, which will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that you’re too cool for school. And as an added bonus, for every Libertas Bella long sleeves you order, that is exactly how many we’ll send you!