Libertas Bella Apparel


The moment you pull on a garment as fine as a Libertas Bella garment, you will feel like you're being hugged by a 68-year-old grandma who spends her days baking cookies and worrying about you for being too skinny. We've designed them that way - it's a new technology.

Libertas Bella

Libertas. She was the Ancient Roman goddess of liberty – the apotheosis of freedom itself. Freed slaves prayed to her. Discontented freemen invoked her name as they denounced tyranny. Although we think of freedom today as something immaterial, and even to be voluntarily forfeited in the name of safety or the greater good, the ideals of Libertas are no less beautiful than the goddess they were once depicted as.

Libertas Bella is Latin for “Beautiful Liberty.” We created our brand for whomever agrees that their own freedom, agency, and autonomy are the most precious things in the world. We are not concerned with precisely how your beliefs have taken form. Whatever label you might apply to yourself, we still love you for it.

We offer a great selection of fine clothing and accessories that celebrate liberty in its myriad forms. Perhaps you clasp tightly to the notion that firearm ownership is the great deterrent to tyranny – and very rightly so. We have plenty of good things available to help you express this increasingly threatened point of view. Maybe you haven’t surrendered to the notion of a benevolent nanny goat government which will protect and care for you if only – if only – you will let it decide how you live your life. Keep browsing our site if that’s the case. And if you’re a proud American patriot, you’ll love how many of our products pay homage to the greatest symbols ever to have risen from the United States of America.

Our official Libertas Bella merchandise features our own logo. With it you can declare your support for all that we represent. You can also enjoy far greater quality than any of our competitors offer. At this point we would have liked to joke and suggest that other companies hate freedom and liberty, but they’re increasingly demonstrating that this is exactly the case.