Libertas Bella Sweatshirts


Sure, you could wear that sweatshirt that you got from that sporting thing that you attending that one time in, what was it, high school? OR, you could put on a brand new sweatshirt with the words "Libertas Bella" emblazoned proudly across the front for the whole world to see and be jealous.

Libertas Bella Sweatshirt

What does Libertas Bella stand for? That’s simple enough: “Beautiful Liberty.” We believe in freedom from all oppressive restrictions, and honor any point of view that upholds liberty as a chief virtue.

But we stand for something else that is nearly as important as liberty, if not equal to it. We are speaking of course about sweatshirts. The sweatshirt is a fundamental piece of anyone’s wardrobe, even if the last time they broke a sweat was during the Ford administration.

Maybe you’re celebrating the birth of your first son, and must climb to the edge of a stony outcropping to hold him aloft above the vast expanse that forms your kingdom. Maybe you’ve found the love of your life on the maiden voyage of the world’s greatest ocean liner, and want something snug to pull over in case the ship jackknifes in the North Atlantic. Maybe you’re being pursued across Los Angeles by a homicidal android sent back in time to kill you, and it’s an unseasonably chilly day in Southern California. These are not only great movie ideas that we intend to sell to a major studio one day. They are also perfect examples of occasions when you won’t be able to do without a sweatshirt.

But not just any sweatshirt will do. You need a sweatshirt made from the most comfortable blend of organic and synthetic fibers ever devised by man, expertly tailored to conform precisely to any physique, and certain to make unlimited passes through a washing machine without coming out any worse for wear. But above all else, you need a sweatshirt that declares your love for the Libertas Bella brand – one that bears our famous red and black logo, with the “A” in “Libertas” cheekily represented by the Anarchist’s circle-A.

And where do you think you can find such a sweatshirt? Brace yourself, because we have good news.