Are you tired of carrying all your bric-a-brac around in your pockets? Do you wish there was a convenient yet stylish way to bring your lunch to work? Check it out – Libertas Bella is now the only online retailer that offers bags.

Since the dawn of time, mankind has sought one type of receptacle above all others: bag.

The primitives of Ancient Europe are believed to have invented bags around 400,000 BC, which they used to carry fruits, nuts and mastodon giblets. Roman mosaics recovered at the Theatre of Pompey depict Nero carrying a small duffel bag, and the great Qin Shihuangdi of Bronze Age China is believed to have owned at least seven bags. And thanks to modern innovation and cutting edge bag technology, bags are now present on all seven continents plus one that Alan Shepard accidentally left behind on the moon.

But where do you actually get a bag? By donating $20 to NPR so they’ll end their membership drive 7 seconds sooner? By ordering a number six value meal with an orange soda from a place where the staff only has a vague idea of what handwashing is? By looting the heavily guarded tomb of Qin Shihuangdi?

Not at all. You get a bag by ordering one from Libertas Bella.

The bags in our collection feature the same handsome graphics as our fine clothing. But whereas our clothing is only designed to contain people, a Libertas Bella bag can contain virtually anything. Use our bags to carry fruits, nuts and giblets sourced from extant mammals if you please, but they are also a fine choice for schoolwork, sporting goods, a change of clothes in case animal rights activists splash red paint on the ermine stole you like wearing around town, or books. Many of our customers love using our bags to lug around the collected work of Ayn Rand, which they can consult for tidbits of juicy political philosophy or bludgeon muggers over the head with.

All of the people you admire and respect own bags from Libertas Bella. They told us you’re not cool until you have at least one of your own as well.