Libertarian Sweatshirts


There are a few events in a person's life that specifically call for a libertarian sweatshirt. Like, perhaps a casual party to celebrate the writings of Friedrich Hayek. Or, an outdoor book club on a blustery day that just finished reading Atlas Shrugged. Maybe you don't have an event in mind that would require one of our stylish sweatshirts, you just like to be prepared.

Libertarian Sweatshirt

Libertarians have a lot of crazy principles. The first that comes to mind is the NAP. It sounds like it could work on paper, but how is a government supposed to start a foreign war for profit if they have to sit around waiting for someone else to attack them? Think of the poor private military companies!

And then there’s the misguided notion that people are somehow entitled to use the natural resources on their own land. Isn’t it clear by now that only a strong, centralized government is qualified to control the use of such resources? How else are we going to stop global warming unless national governments tax industry to death exclusively in the first world?

But worst of all is that libertarians don’t promise to create a utopia on earth. Don’t they understand that they have a duty to work their entire lives so people who don’t like work can live just as well as they do? How exactly do these libertarians propose to enjoy the fruits of their labor? By themselves? Don’t make us laugh – we just drank chocolate milk.

But hey – as out to lunch as libertarians might seem, even they are known to get chilly at times. That is why we at Libertas Bella, the most out to lunch of them all, offer a selection of comfortable and finely made libertarian sweatshirts. A libertarian sweatshirt is the perfect thing to put on before you curl up by the fire to read your old, dog-eared copy of The Road to Serfdom. It also makes fine active wear. You’ll be certain to appreciate the way our sweatshirt wicks away moisture as you build up a sweat arguing with other libertarians about what exactly libertarianism is.