Women's Long Sleeves


Long sleeves have long been the preferred fashion choice of all the elite women of society dating back to ancient Greece and Rome. Of course, back then they had to wear whatever garment they had on hand at the time and they couldn't choose to wear the best in long sleeve fashion such as the amazing clothing items you see on this very page.

Women's Long Sleeve Shirts

Why, we can’t even count the number of reasons a woman would want to wear a stylish, comfortable Libertas Bella long sleeve shirt. Maybe you’re going to spend the day gardening outside, and you don’t want the sun to turn your arms the same bright shade of red as those pickled sausages you see for sale at the gas station. Maybe you’re going to a formal interview and don’t want the interviewer to see the “Blossom Fan 4 Lyfe” tattoo you got across your forearm back in 1990. Maybe you like millions of other American women are an avid beekeeper, and need an extra layer of protection to ensure your bees can’t plunge their pointy stinger bits into your soft, sensitive skin.

Whatever your need for a long sleeve shirt might be, we have got you covered – your arms and your torso, at least. Our women’s long sleeve shirts bear relatively subtle political messages, and will let you signal to other cool people that you support ideals such as firearm ownership, anarcho-capitalism, Randian Objectivism, or classical liberalism. And when we say “relatively subtle,” we mean our long sleeve shirts don’t feature overbearing messages like “Think you can take MY AR-15? Over my and my purebred Labrador Retriever’s dead body!

Gentlemen, if you’re reading this we have a little tip for you: Your wife and/or girlfriend is laying awake at night just hoping you’ve read her subtle cues about wanting a Libertas Bella long sleeve shirt. Remember the other night at dinner when she said “Honey, if you don’t buy me a Second Amendment long sleeve shirt from LibertasBella.com I’m going to put bleach in your apple sauce?” Don’t let that a little hint like that go over your head!