As you drag yourself out of bed in the morning and into the kitchen you sleepily pull out one of your Libertas Bella mugs, you have 5 after all, and pour yourself some piping hot coffee that tastes like freedom and really strong coffee. As you sip you realize the mug that you chose dons the likeness of Teddy Roosevelt on a moose or Murray Rothbard deep in thought. You know this is the goddess Libertas smiling down on you herself, this is going to be a good day.

The Perfect Mug

Picture a world without mugs. People would have to cup their hands and prepare to get scalded every time they wanted a drink of java. Every desk in the country would become a jumbled disarray of pencils, pens and letter openers without mugs to contain them. Grandmothers would be at a total loss when it came time to buy their family members souvenir gifts to bring back from their vacations. Mug shots would simply be known as “shots,” which would scare prisoners who think they’re about to get vaccinated against rubella. We would shudder to depict a world without mugs any further. Please stop picturing one right now.

Many people only consider mugs acceptable containers for coffee and hot cocoa, but did you know they’re excellent for drinking booze in public as well? If you see a guy drinking from a martini glass on the side of the street you’re naturally going to think “Look at that degenerate lowlife, drinking like that right out in the open. No matter America or whatever country I’m from is losing its way.” But if you see that same guy drinking from a mug in public, you’ll think “Look at that upstanding member of society, having a little pick-me-up on his way to work. I bet he’s a prominent member of Rotary International and donates a healthy percentage of his income to worthy charities.” But the only difference is the mug!

Now that we’ve rambled about mugs, we’d like to make a case for you ordering one of our official Libertas Bella mugs. We have painstakingly designed these superlative drinking vessels with only the most fashionable drinkers in mind, laboring over thousands of potential designs until we decided to use some that we had already created. Our high quality ceramic mugs are guaranteed to keep your drink hot or cold for a certain amount of time, and feature handles for convenient carrying and sipping!