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Libertas Bella. It’s Latin for “beautiful liberty,” and we chose the name for two reasons. First, we cherish liberty whether it’s our own or anyone else’s. The freedom to live however you please and say whatever you wish is under constant attack from our own government. Foreign governments are now joining that attack. And don’t get us started on the finger-wagging puritans, who are all cut from the same cloth whether they have donned vestments or dyed their hair green.

What’s the second reason for naming ourselves Libertas Bella? Because all the good English names were already taken.

It doesn’t matter to us which flavor of libertarianism you prefer. Even if you don’t give a fig about political philosophy and economic doctrine and only care to have your First and Second Amendment rights not trampled upon by soulless reptiles, you’re exactly our kind of person. If you hate Mondays but love lasagna, then we welcome you with open arms. We aim to clothe anyone who loves liberty.

We stick to a few themes when we design our fine clothing. Have a look at our libertarian T-shirts and you will see several homages to preeminent libertarian thinkers. There’s Ayn Rand, the author of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. There’s good old Murray Rothbard, Mister Anarcho-Capitalism himself. We even have Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, whose political views were … colorful, but worth honoring nonetheless.

Several of our designs are somewhat subtler. These are for the rare social occasions when you wouldn’t want a giant picture of Milton Friedman across your chest, and include our Join or Die design, Moultrie Flag, and Betsy Ross Flag.

Our 2nd Amendment shirts, on the other hand, will leave your interpretation of the words “shall not be infringed” not subject to interpretation. We adamantly support any free person’s right to bear arms, and we personally exercise that right as often as we are able by letting loose countless full metal jacketed things at the gun range.

We even have dog beds. When it comes to the comfort of dogs, our views become uncharacteristically fascist. If we had our way, anyone who forced their poor dog to sleep on the floorboards would get frogmarched to the nearest reeducation facility.

If this is your first time visiting Libertas Bella, then we recommend you start with our 1984, 9mm, and Working Man’s Hedge Fund collections. These T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and long sleeve shirts feature our most popular designs, perfect for the Orwellian gun nut which there are apparently millions of.

And remember: True libertarians despise fiat currency. So why not get rid of the loathsome stuff by ordering the finest libertarian apparel on the free market while simultaneously supporting a great cause? (The great cause being us, of course.)

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