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Do you love freedom, liberty, and all other things good and right in the world?

Looking for a new way to utilize the free market and make some extra cash? 

Become an affiliate for us! Point potential customers in our direction and we will give you a cut of whatever we sell. 

Do you love Libertas Bella, which was recently voted the best online clothing retailer by a select panel of our closest friends and relatives? Do you love money? Then brother, have we ever got an affiliate program for you!
The Libertas Bella affiliate program is a great opportunity for anyone with a blog, website, Facebook page, Tumblr page, Youtube channel, or other established internet presence to piggyback off of all our hard work.
Affiliating with us is easy: Just add a unique Refersion URL we provide to your page, post or video. That link will take your lucky reader or viewer to our site, where they’ll be overjoyed to find all kinds of neat things they can buy. And whenever they do buy those neat things (within 30 days of referral), you get paid a 10% commission! 
We've made it even easier to link to us: simply grab one of these sick banners to embed on your site or really catch the eye with our animated banners. 
Just think of all the great stuff you can buy with that sweet, sweet Libertas Bella cashflow. Food. Clothing. A set of monogrammed bar towels for the bar on your private yacht. Possibly even a private yacht – but man, you’re going to have refer a lot of customers to us for that to happen. But who knows? The sky’s the limit for those fortunate enough to call themselves Libertas Bella affiliates!
You’d have to be an uncool fool not to want to affiliate with Libertas Bella. We’ll do all the heavy lifting: designing products, packaging products, shipping products, and deleting angry emails from communists. You, on the other hand, will be earning in your sleep. We wish we were you!
To learn more about our affiliate program, please email me, Alex, at alex(at)libertasbella(dot)com, or sign up below. Make sure you read the “Program Terms & Conditions” on the bottom of the form before you sign up. We didn’t pay the lawyer who wrote them just to look pretty. He’s actually a very homely man in real life!
Or do you hate freedom? Then consider yourself free to go and affiliate with some other, lesser website.