Historic Icons T-Shirts


So you've found our Historic Icon T-Shirts. Good for you - a real champion of the free market! You now have a choice: wear that drab T-shirt that you got from some event in 2011 or sport one of these attractive Tees and show that you're smarter in the process (you know, for buying the T-Shirt).

Historic Icon T-Shirts

The word “iconic” is thrown around as freely these days as a cigarette lighter at a party full of goth kids. You can’t go to the grocery store without seeing a magazine racked by the checkout inviting you to examine the iconic swimsuit worn by some flash in the pan pop singer for five minutes while vacationing in the Bahamas. Venture into any clickbait den of sin on the internet and you’ll find a number of articles with titles like “Top Ten Iconic Breakfast Cereals of the ‘90s” and “Guess Which Interstate Rest Stop This Iconic Movie Star Is Now Sleeping In.” If we see one more fast food restaurant referred to as “iconic” it’s going to make us sicker than if we had eaten said restaurant’s food.

Very few people are iconic, and none of them sing with the aid of auto-tune. No fungible, mass-produced dreck will ever reach the status of an icon. What’s actually iconic will necessarily not be forgotten three months from now. An icon must create a fundamental idea that is worthy of veneration and will be cherished by an intelligent civilization indefinitely.

For an example of what truly constitutes “iconic,” we invite you to have a look at our historic icon T-shirts. These are the emblems from flags that great patriots have hoisted throughout America’s turbulent history. Others represent famous acts against tyranny, or sentiments that have struck a chord with people and will resonate permanently throughout the collective subconscious.

While we admit that we still have all our work ahead of us if we’re going to make the Libertas Bella brand iconic, we know that falling short of such status doesn’t absolve us from offering only the highest quality T-shirts. And your historic icon T-shirt will look splendid on you. All you’ve got to do is click that “Add to Cart” icon.