Libertarian Hoodies


Only a free-market economic system could conjure up a clothing item that works for you on so many levels. 1) The comfort that it is sure to provide 2) The noticeable looks you will garner from those around you because, well, you look great. 3) The satisfaction that will come from sporting a hoodie that distinctly shows your love of individual rights and limited government.

Libertarian Hoodie

You’ll enjoy a Libertas Bella libertarian hoodie regardless of your political alignment. If you’re an authoritarian, then you’ll love how our hoodie will keep you warm while you’re cutting down trees and digging trenches at your designated work camp. If you’re a communist, then you can take delight as you watch other people happy to take their turn wearing it. And if you’re a neoliberal, you’ll find its sleeves will prove just the ticket for concealing all the needle marks you’ve accumulated from your universal vaccinations.

We rather suspect it will be libertarians who take the most satisfaction from these hoodies, of course. Without being too ostentatious, each of our graphics suggests that its wearer has embraced the only tenable political philosophy ever to have been conceived. The pocket in the middle is ideal for putting your hands while you’re actively avoiding violating the NAP, and there’s still space for your pocket edition of The Anatomy of the State. Plus the hood will keep your ears nice and toasty!

We would never ask you to sacrifice your values for our own benefit by offering shoddy hoodies. We have crafted these high quality articles of outerwear from a 50/50 blend of cotton polyester, so they’re at once comfortable and enduring. Each hoodie is printed right here in America, so at the very least the taxes we’ve had to spend making it are going toward some semblance of a system that purports to benefit us. We have even made absolutely certain that every hoodie we offer runs true to size. There’ll be no violating the NAP by giving you a medium when you actually asked for a large here on! (Well, that wouldn’t constitute “aggression” so much as it would being bad at our jobs, but still, large means large from where we’re standing.)