About Us

Co-Foounders of Libertas Bella, Brian and Alex

The Romans once worshipped a goddess named Libertas. When a man freed his slave, he prayed to her. When a slave became free, he wore her emblem on his clothes. When a Roman opposed tyranny, he invoked her.

We no longer worship Libertas, but she has often been here with us. As a hailstorm of British cannonballs failed to shatter the fortifications in South Carolina during the Revolutionary War, Libertas was there. As eight-pound guns bore down on Parisians while they stormed the Bastille, Libertas was there. As you look out across New York Harbor, Libertas is there. She is a beautiful, towering copper statue.

We are not Pagans or polytheists or any such thing, but like Romans we believe the ideal personified by Libertas – personal freedom and political liberty – must be revered. Yet in a world where three-letter acronyms pore over your every move, where big business decides what’s true and what’s false, where you must submit to a groping to board a jet, where everyone is so mired in social media that they can’t notice they’re gamboling headlong toward a hellscape police state – Libertas is not here.

the godess LibertasLibertas Bella stands for beautiful liberty. We don’t care if you’re an agorist, voluntarist, anarcho-capitalist,  neo-luddite (who is inexplicably on the internet), transhumanist, Jacobite, or whether you espouse some other political leaning that only a poli sci major would have heard of. At Libertas Bella, the simple assertion we uphold above all others is that liberty is both all-important and in jeopardy. The simple act of wearing an expressive t-shirt may soon be labeled a thoughtcrime.

We cater to fellow lovers of liberty, however they wish to express theirs. Have you ever resented the implication that you’ve no right to your property? To your most cherished beliefs? To a weapon with which to defend yourself and your own? To your very life? Then consider Libertas Bella your “safe space” in an increasingly totalitarian world. 

Our gear isn’t exclusively about smashing state power. It is also about taking responsibility for yourself and your freedom in the here and now. On our site you are free to browse and purchase our stylish, comfortable apparel and other accessories. (We even have the perfect bed for any pro-2nd Amendment dogs on your Christmas shopping list.) On our site you are also free to become gravely offended by anything you see. You are even free to post your disgust on social media, thus driving traffic toward us. Like we just said: Freedom is for everyone, and it’s liberty that enables us to enjoy it.

“Libertas Bella.” Liberty is beautiful.

Co-founder of Libertas Bella, Alex reading a bookAlex grew up in Missouri, a state rich in natural beauty and light beer, where good people go frog gigging to pass the time until their next tailgate party.
Alex studied business and economics at the University of Missouri. He found himself particularly drawn to the Austrian School of economics, gobbling down the teachings of greats like Rothbard, Friedman and Hayek like Tic Tacs. He was most enthralled by the work of Thomas Sowell. The economist’s staunch opposition to the Federal Reserve, enlightening advocacy for the free market, and unyielding objection to Marxism all strongly color Alex’s beliefs to this day.

Alex most closely identifies with the philosophy of anarcho-capitalism. To him the concepts of individual sovereignty and self-actualization are paramount to a life well-lived. It is little wonder why Alex aspires to live up to the ideal of the Nietzschean Übermensch. (You should see his reaction to moody teenagers who interpret Nietzsche’s work as some sort of justification for nihilism.)

Alex regularly attends events held by the Foundation for Economic Education, the Ludwig von Mises Institute for Austrian Economics, and the Free State Project. PorcFest is kind of like Burning Man for libertarians, which means even if there were drugs (there aren’t) no one would be handing them out for free.



Co-founder of Libertas Bella, Brian wearing the 1984 Tshirt

Brian wasn’t always the libertarian fashion baron that the world idolizes today. He was born in an average, humble American household and grew up watching the same Saturday morning cartoons as you and me.

Brian’s father was a Vietnam War veteran (America’s side, not the Viet Cong’s) and a constitutional attorney. Brian can recall the many times his father slammed his concrete slab of a fist on the breakfast table, registering disgust at the latest transgression against liberty reported on in the morning paper. As he matured Brian realized that Washington didn’t exist solely to upset his father – it was a nest of very influential weasels set on subjugating us all.

Young Brian immersed himself in books by the likes of Ayn Rand and George Orwell before moving on to the heavier hitters of the literary world. He also expresses a singular fondness for Garfield Tips the Scales, although he admits it has informed little more than his opinion on Mondays.

September 11th sparked an epiphany in Brian. As he witnessed the weasels exploiting Americans’ fear to justify stripping them of their liberties, Brian could almost hear his father’s fist once again rattling the breakfast table. He thus devoted himself to defending the civil liberties enshrined in the Bill of Rights of his fellow Americans.

In the course of his career Brian perceived one particularly underserved market: libertarians, and others who value personal freedom. The leading online retailers seemingly never carried clothing that allowed wearers to express their preference for liberty and personal sovereignty in an erudite manner. Brian would not suggest that such retailers are helmed by fire-breathing communists who hate free-thinking anarcho-capitalists and probably kick puppies out of the way while they’re going for their after-dinner walks. He wouldn’t stop you from arriving at that conclusion, of course.

This is why Brian co-founded Libertas Bella – the internet’s only source for fine apparel and accessories designed for those who truly cherish liberty. At least, it’s the only one we would mention here.