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Imagine, you are out at your favorite dive where all the coolest libertarians gather and - what's this? A new design from Libertas Bella has been released and you didn't know about it - like a chump. Your worst nightmare. Heed this tale and make sure you stay up to date on all the latest from Libertas Bella.

Freshest Deals

Devoted fans of Libertas Bella frequently reach out to us. Usually they just want to heap praise and affection on us, and we totally understand because we are great. But sometimes they ask a ringing question: “When will you come out with new products?”

Listen, you can’t just force out designs like the ones we feature on We exclusively depict the most inspired, aesthetic, and stimulating graphics on our accessories and clothing, and coming up with those takes a lot of work.

We engage in a wide range of techniques to gain the inspiration needed to cook up amazing new products. We have traveled to Peru to take part in sacred shamanic psychedelic ayahuasca ceremonies. These have been fruitful on occasion, although we’re not too wild about the part of the ceremony when we hallucinate thousands of tiny Bill de Blasios crawling up our legs to stab us with hot knitting needles. We have climbed the remotest peak in the Himalayas to meditate under the guidance of the great Mahatma Jasmine. Thanks to him we can now create a stirring new design for a T-shirt with our third eye tied behind our back. We have even read The Secret at the behest of our wife. We did make a dream board, but our dog wound up chewing up a large chunk out of it and we now use it as a backdrop whenever we have to spray paint something.

What were we talking about? Right: our newest products. We are constantly hard at work coming up with new products to help our fans look fashionable while simultaneously announcing their most deeply cherished political and philosophical beliefs. Whenever Libertas Bella conceives a new product, you will find it right here on this page. Check in here every day, because you never want to feel like a failure when everyone you know and respect has the newest piece of Libertas Bella merch and you haven’t.