Historic Icons Hoodies


Sure, buying one of these hoodies will not help in a quest to match the purple-haired baristas at the local coffee shops. And, they aren't likely to make you popular on the majority of college campuses or a Hollywood set. But, isn't that all the more reason to get one?

Historic Icon Clothing

We’ve put considerable effort into making Libertas Bella an iconic brand. We have approached several movie stars, but so far not one of them has agreed to let us tattoo our logo across their forehead. The nice ones explain it will make it difficult for them to get movie roles; The nasty ones threaten to unleash their swarm of lawyers on us.

So we said fine: If Hollywood isn’t going to help us put our message out, then surely the media is there for us. We typed up an awesome press release, full of colorful language and at least seven emojis per sentence, and sent it out to every major news program and paper across the country. And do you know what we got for all our trouble? Bupkis. Sean Hannity did send us a kind letter wishing us the best of luck, which we’ll apparently need a great deal of.

We only had one more means of achieving iconic status at our disposal. We spent $43 billion on a giant laser that we could use to carve our logo on the surface of the moon, thus ensuring people would forever equate the night sky with high quality clothing. But even that failed – one very suave British spy infiltrated our company headquarters, seduced our receptionist (can’t blame her), and then proceeded to stab our CEO with a knife built into the toe of his Oxford shoe. That was one crazy Thursday at the office!

So for now we’ll stick to depicting already well-known historic icons on our selection of fine hoodies. These are superlative garments guaranteed to make an impact on people, hewn from only the comfortable fabrics known to man and equipped with incredibly useful hoods and hand pockets. And who knows? Maybe if enough people see a paragon like you wearing our hoodie, we’ll get that much closer to becoming an icon ourselves.