Historic Icons Long Sleeves


Is there any greater feeling than the warmth that the likeness of Teddy Roosevelt can provide? Maybe that of Ayn Rand or Friedrich Hayek - hard to say. Either way, you can't go wrong with any of these long sleeve tees.

Historic Icon Long Sleeve Shirts

It is estimated that about 107 billion people have ever lived. The near entirety of them are insignificant.

Let us clarify what we mean by “insignificant,” lest we come across as arrogant T-shirt peddlers. We don’t mean to suggest that we look down on 2nd century Polynesian fisherman, or that the guys who cleaned the toilets in the Colosseum were somehow superfluous. We simply mean they’re not important in the grand scheme of things. No one remembers their names.

But once in a great while the world hiccups out someone truly exceptional. These might be philosophers who manage to scrap together a little shred of insight out of an apparently rudderless universe. They might be writers whose works are accountable for a considerable stir in the collective conscious. They might even be – dare we say it – a politician. (Specifically Teddy Roosevelt.)

Some symbols worthy of veneration have also come into existence throughout history. Take the crescent, for example. Out of context the crescent is just some trick of geometry, but thanks to its inclusion on one particular flag it is synonymous with liberty and especially South Carolinian pride. Perhaps the crescent means other things to other people as well – go to the Middle East and ask.

We’ve adorned several of our highly stylish (not to mention very comfortable) long sleeve shirts with famous historic icons. Not just any, mind you. You’ll not find Che or Mao or Pot or Lawrence Welk on any of our long sleeves. The icons we honor stand for freedom and certain libertarian ideals, two things we rather suspect you value just as highly.

And it’s not that we have anything against the talented Mr. Welk. It’s just that his estate wouldn’t license his likeness to us.