Historic Icons Sweatshirts


As the weather gets colder, it's nice to be able to keep warm and show your passion for limited government all in the same small act of wearing a great sweatshirt (like the ones before your very eyes).

Historic Icon Sweatshirts

To the vast majority of people and things, the thick veil of history promises to inevitably close upon them and relegate them to anonymity and obscurity. Imagine how many charismatic leaders, how many world-class artisans and poets, and how many cherished symbols throughout time have now become less than footnotes in the grand scheme of things. Countless men who realized their destiny to make a permanent impression on the world are now ground to dust by wind and erosion, with names never again to be recalled either fondly or with contempt.

But like Venice, an unlikely city that has persisted for centuries among corrosive brine and wrecking tides, some icons do rise and remain for ages. These are grand people who forged ideals from little more than determination and aither. These are symbols which stand for far more than the lines which represent them. These are historic icons, inextricable from civilization itself, threads of thought that run through generations and hold them together.

Surely there are more historic icons than we could ever hope to represent on our sweatshirts. Diogenes, who rebuked Alexander the Great for stepping into his sunlight, deserves to appear on a sweatshirt. Julius Caesar, who once plainly told his captors that he would one day execute every last one of them – and did – has surely appeared on a sweatshirt or two by this point. To list every person and idea that at the very least deserves the honor of appearing on a sweatshirt would prove maddening.

Our historic sweatshirts depict some of the greatest people and ideas that history has ever clasped onto. They are comfortable affairs made from soft yet long-lasting fabric, printed right here in the USA, and as a rule true to size. Whether you wear yours for casual faffing around the house or as a matter of pride, you’ll find your Libertas Bella historic icon sweatshirt worthy to cherish for many years to come.