Historic Icons Apparel


Love the ideas of Milton Friedman, Teddy Roosevelt, or Friedrich Hayek? Well, how will all your friends and family know that fact unless you don the high-quality clothing contained here? I mean, you could just talk about those interests 24/7 but, doesn't that seem like more work?

Historic Icons

We wouldn’t go so far as to call our icons “sacred personnages.” As much as we respect Ayn Rand, we’d never build an altar to her. If she found out we did she’d probably whomp us over the head with a hardcover copy of Atlas Shrugged, possibly killing us. (This is assuming Ayn was still capable of whomping people.)

No, we honor our icons in the secular sense. They’re people who’ve had a tremendous impact on the public discourse, and who have advanced the ideals of libertarianism in one sense or another. Our icons may not even be people. We pledge our deepest respect to a number of important symbols and sentiments that have come to be over the past few centuries – flags that have been hoisted during battles against tyrants, quotations from seminal books, even heroic acts of defiance. If it inspires a certain passion to preserve one’s liberty, you may find it on LibertasBella.com.

We do wonder what kind of libertarian icons might arise in the future. Could the world’s next Orwell already be among us, hardening his resolve in some modern day equivalent of the Spanish Civil War? Is America due for the arrival of her own version of China’s Tank Man, some brave soul who will slip out of total anonymity to make an iconic stand against tyranny, only to fade back into the crowd afterward? Could someone have already doodled a symbol in their notebook that will one day serve as the rallying point for true patriots? We’re excited to see.

So have a peak at our historic icon collection, replete with expertly crafted shirts, mugs, canvas artwork, and other goods that at once evince their owner’s good taste and indelible love for freedom and liberty. And who knows – maybe one day you’ll do something so heroic that we’ll have to put you on a T-shirt for it. (With your permission, of course.)