Libertas Bella T-Shirts


Supporting a business that upholds your beliefs and value is the truest way to prove that capitalism is a beautiful thing and your dollar vote matters. Oh, you want to support Libertas Bella with your dollar vote? Aww, you're going to make us blush!

Libertas Bella T-Shirts

The T-shirt is the great American utility shirt – the one we want to live our lives in. It is the sort of shirt you’d wear while camping, because you don’t want to scorch your Sunday best when you drink too much cinnamon schnapps and start trying to do front flips over the bonfire.

Many of our customers have tough jobs. They’re the kind of people that Republican presidential candidates want positioned behind them when they give press conferences from the campaign trail. We’re talking about physical jobs that make you a real man such as miner, farmer, construction worker, or retail clothing website designer. You think tough guys like that are going to wear turtleneck sweaters?

Among other virtues, the T-shirt is great because it offers so much real estate for graphics. If you can dream it, on a T-shirt it can go. There are even operations out there that will custom print a T-shirt for you. This is evidenced by the one we gave our sister-in-law for Christmas last year, with a two-foot-tall photo of her goofy looking husband’s face printed across the front. She had to be gracious about it.

But in a world full of so many possibilities, only one T-shirt graphic reigns supreme: the official Libertas Bella logo. Our Libertas Bella T-shirt is fashionable and hard-wearing, made of fabric woven from not one, not two, but three different types of thread. There across the chest sits our stylish Libertas Bella logo, the Latin for “Beautiful Liberty.” If anyone ever asks you to do something you don’t want, just point at your chest and hope they can read Latin.

This T-shirt is a exclusive. You can’t get this T-shirt anywhere else, but if you manage to please tell us because we’ll need to sue the pants off someone.