Men's Apparel


Let's be honest, there are a lot of men out there with no sense of fashion. I mean, think about all the men you know that don't own a T-shirt with Ayn Rand's face on it! Or all that poor slouch that doesn't keep warm in a Murray Rothbard hoodie. Just the thought of that is enough to make us cry (very manly tears, of course).

Men's Apparel

Men’s fashion has evolved a great deal over the centuries. In the very beginning men wore nothing at all, but then someone invented upholstered furniture and pants suddenly became extremely important. Shirts wouldn’t become common until much later on, when ancient convenience stores started requiring that their customers wear them. Shoes were invented next by farmers seeking a more efficient way to stomp on rats. Finally the arrival of poker brought with it the green plastic visor, thus giving modern man everything he is known to wear on a daily basis.

There is a certain permanence to men’s fashion. If a woman put on the most stylish outfit by today’s standards and then travelled back in time to 1990, she would probably be mistaken for a witch and burned at the stake. But if a man put on his best suit and traveled back in time to the 1930s, people would only wonder why his lapels weren’t wide enough to land aircraft on.

In that vein we offer a truly timeless collection of men’s apparel. These are high quality articles of clothing that are guaranteed to delight their wearer and deeply impress upon whomever they run into. Some of our graphics, we are sorry to say, might already prove controversial in some situations. We know for a fact that a schoolchild would get booted out of any class he wore our Hunter S. Thompson hoodie to, and you never know when you might meet someone who carries a keen grudge against Austrian-British economist Friedrich Hayek.

Still, it’s nearly as important that these symbols stay out there as it is you should look impeccably dressed. So don’t cake yourself in mud and paint your face with ashes the next time you leave the house. Wear one of our stylish pro-gun hoodies or libertarian T-shirts instead. This is men’s apparel at its very finest!