Men's Long Sleeves


Fellas, it's time we face a harsh reality: sometimes your massive, meaty arms are intimidating. Sometimes, it's better to make those around you feel slightly better about themselves by putting on a long sleeve rather than flaunting your guns. And, if you are going to take one for the team and wear a long sleeve, might as well do it in style with a Libertas Bella long sleeve.

Men's Long Sleeve

The type of men who shop for clothing on certainly have no reason to be ashamed of their arms. Our customers are totally buff, with biceps that look like they’re smuggling cantaloupes under their shirtsleeves. Just one of your forearms is no doubt thicker than the average American’s neck, and this really is saying something when you look at the average American. Your wrist, a solid knot of bone, sinew, and muscle, would never give out if you decided to paddle across the Northwest Passage just for fun.

Still, sometimes even a hunk like you wants a long sleeve shirt to cover up his massive guns. Perhaps you’re going on safari and don’t want to get sunburned as you’re stalking the Man-Eaters of Tsavo so you can kill them with a pocket knife. Maybe you’re going on an expedition to the South Pole and expect to feel a little nippy as the temperature dips down into the negative triple digits. You won’t need a coat, of course, but a set of long sleeves might prove just the ticket.

Or maybe you are just sick of people staring at your aforementioned massive guns. We can certainly sympathize. We too are very buff here at Libertas Bella, the result of lifting heavy boxes of high quality apparel and accessories all day. Our Herculean physiques command attention and adulation from everyone we meet. But just once in a while it’s nice to have someone look into our eyes while they’re speaking to us, instead of checking out our immaculately chiseled forearms, up to our bulging ‘ceps, and then finally getting lost in our wonderland of a torso.

The point of all of this is simple: You need some men’s long sleeves, and we’ve got the best – comfortable, handsome things replete with our famous political and philosophical graphics. A real man deserves no less.