Women's Sweatshirts


If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that there is no reason not to own the very best in loungewear and pajamas. And, since we don't currently sell pajamas, we advocate that you finally learn your lesson from 2020 and treat yourself to that sweatshirt from Libertas Bella that you have had your eye on.

Women's Sweatshirts

Any occasion calls for a Libertas Bella women’s sweatshirt. Let’s say you’ve got a big job interview lined up at some classy business – we don’t know, like, a bank or something – and you need a little extra boost of confidence. Don’t you think your interviewer is going to be mighty impressed if you show up wearing our Hunter S. Thompson sweatshirt, complete with a picture of the man himself aiming a big revolver? You may as well order your new business cards now!

Or let’s say your childhood friend has chosen you – you no less – to be her maid of honor. But oh no! Your childhood friend has always had lousy taste in fashion, and she is making her bridal party wear seafoam green dresses with bright orange flats. Picture her look of surprised joy when she walks down the aisle to see that you’ve improved upon the dress by wearing our Tank Man hoodie over it. She’ll drop to her knees and thank you for saving her wedding!

(Wedding pro tip: Bring the biggest purse you own so you can take home as many hors d'oeuvres as possible. Also, every bride secretly hopes their DJ will play “Who Let the Dogs Out” by the Baha Men at least three times back to back – be sure to explain that to the DJ as you slip him a 50.)

Our women’s sweatshirts are maddeningly comfortable, outrageously stylish, and adorned with our most popular designs to date. They subtly convey your political leanings rather than hit people over the head with them. You know those sweatshirts you see at the gas station with messages like “I own seven cats and I vote,” or “Yeah, I’m a professional forklift operator and I’m against the Eleventh Amendment. What about it?!” Don’t wear those. Wear our sensible sweatshirts instead!