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The mainstream news doesn’t need your support. They get plenty of that from the organizations which tell them what to say. So long as the propaganda keeps spewing and the right strawmen are getting pitchforked, the MSM and its lackeys will have all the money they need for designer suits, designer drugs and attorney fees.
Do you know who does need your support? Actual journalists, who don’t submit their stories to political aides or corporate boards before putting them in front of the public. These fearless muckrakers have staked their professions on one thing and one thing only: telling the truth.
Blacklisted News is reporting the goings-on that the masters of the universe would rather you not know. If not for intrepid reporting like theirs, the rats gnawing away at your liberties would get away with their little antics completely scot-free. (Sure, some VIP’s mistress might go rogue here and there, but that’s nothing a little “freak accident” wouldn’t solve.)
If you demand news and not propaganda, then you’re likely already a Blacklisted News reader. Make your respect for real journalism public by ordering this Blacklisted News merch today! Hopefully someone will see it and ask what it’s all about, and then immediately regret that decision as you launch into an endless tirade about just how rotten to the core world leaders actually are. But hey – if you’re like us, you were never much fun at parties to begin with.