Curve Finance Hat

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Everyone and their grandma already knows that Curve Finance is the ultimate DEX for crypto trading. If you came to this website expecting trash talk about Curve, whose officially licensed merchandise we are so grateful to offer for sale, then please leave (after you have ordered this fine product).
But do you know which awesome aspect of Curve doesn’t get enough attention? Its sweet ‘90s-era OS aesthetics. It reminds us of a simpler time when connecting to the internet sounded like you were murdering space aliens with a sharpened broom handle, and you would spend six hours downloading a single image just PRAYING it would be good enough to … you know … merit keeping it your hard drive. 
Zoomers missed out. The worst thing that could happen to you during the ‘90s was getting Ecto Cooler on your Spider-Man Pogs or eating tainted beef from Jack in the Box. Now you have to remove your shoes and cover your face at the airport, and Russia is building a giant space laser designed to interfere with foreign elections. 
At least we still have Curve and its funky interface to remind us of the good times. And did we mention we also offer Curve’s officially licensed merchandise for sale? Show this sweet loot off in public and people will say, “Hey – I bet I can guess how that god-like individual trades stablecoins on Ethereum.”