Futurewave AR-15 Mug

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We know what kind of aesthetic you like. You want to drive a neon blue DMC DeLorean across a flat pink grid toward a glowing megalopolis, with polygonal mountains jutting out of the otherwise featureless expanse surrounding you. You want to crank up the radio and listen to a calmly distorted version of the music that used to play at K-Mart. If you see colors that wouldn’t have looked appropriate on a disposable cup in the ‘90s, you wince in agony as you look away.
In fewer words, you’re a futurewave guy.
But you’re also a Second Amendment guy, which limits your options when it comes to fashion. Our Founding Fathers, fashionable though they might have been, failed to comprehend the beauty of pink and blue imagery. No Revolutionary War flags depict Greek statues, flamingos or Windows 95 logos. It’s a shame, really. Who knows what this country could have become if its earliest symbols had included molten titanium splattered across a chessboard?
That’s why we’re taking matters into our own hands. Our Futurewave AR-15 design has the rifle we all know and love in place of the classic Texan Come and Take It flag’s cannon. It’s also blue, pink and extremely glowy – just the kind of thing you’ll want to wear while you’re plugging your Sega Genesis into your stereo system so you can chill, vape, and watch Akira on Betamax.