Futurewave Ghost Gun Mug

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“Ghost gun.” Sounds kind of spooky, doesn’t it? But that’s no coincidence. The people in charge want you to be afraid of firearms that they can’t regulate. God forbid they become unable to offer paradises like Chicago and Los Angeles for you to live in.
We believe the ghost gun is the future of the Second Amendment. Imagine living in a country where anyone can enjoy free access to firearms, regardless of their level of income or whether they’ve been convicted of an act that was criminalized by power-hungry bureaucrats a couple days earlier. Before the government did anything tyrannical, the rats would have to ask themselves: What if people fight back?
That’s why we updated Texas’ classic Come and Take It flag for a new millennium. Instead of a cannon you have a 3D-printed handgun, its meager barrel and clunky trigger guard just daring anyone to come and infringe on your God-given right to bear single-shot 22 LR firearms that pose a significant chance of exploding into plastic shrapnel when they’re fired. (The technology will get better, we swear.) 
And because this is the future we’re talking about, we made the graphic pink, blue and sparkly. In the future everyone’s going to love these colors, guaranteed. Forget about wearing white after Labor Day – if your clothes aren’t pink, blue and sparkly year-round, people are going to start throwing rocks at you. People in the future are probably going to brush their teeth with liquid neon.