Let’s Go Brandon Long Sleeve
Let’s Go Brandon Long Sleeve
Let’s Go Brandon Long Sleeve

Let’s Go Brandon Long Sleeve

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Let’s cut straight to the quick on this dog claw. If you’re looking at this page, you’re probably one of three types of people:
1. A leftist, who enjoys getting indignant after voluntarily exposing themself to viewpoints that contradict their own; or
2. A sane person, who formed their opinion on Joe Biden after reading or watching at least 90 seconds of news that weren’t specifically designed to propagandize the Democratic party; or
3. A person who is terrible at navigating the internet, and who seriously messed up their search for roofing contractors in Washington’s Tri-Cities area.
If you’re the first kind of person, try to find a healthier way to entertain yourself, such as seeing how many fingers you can fit inside the dent in your skull. If you’re the second kind of person, start reaching for your wallet with both hands right now. If you’re the third kind of person, you’re welcome to stick around too. Your roof can wait. It doesn’t rain all that much in Kennewick anyway.
Do you know what frustrates us the most about Biden? Two things: he’s senile, and no one gets to have any fun with it. The Democrats wanted an obedient puppet to deflect attention away from their treasonous machinations – we get that – but actually letting a decrepit codger take the reins of this country would provide endless entertainment!
We want a president who passes legislation against kids playing on his lawn. We want a president who orders the Senate to investigate whether or not his maid stole his socks. We want a president who orders a nuclear strike on Italy because Papa John’s forgot to deliver his garlic knots! But we’ll never get that doddering fool until we get Biden out of office. That’s why we say it loud and proud: