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Do you love news that has been approved for print by political aides and megacorporations? Who doesn’t! The mainstream media tells you exactly which liberties need to be forfeited in the name of safety, which people must be demonized for the sake of the greater good, and which teeth whitening strips are most effective at giving you a beautiful smile.
Or maybe you’re some kind of dissident who demands journalism from actual journalists instead of propagandists. Yes … you are an extremist who would rather be informed than lied to, and who distrusts reporters who don’t even attempt to conceal their ulterior motives. And your smile is already a perfect ten.
If that’s the case, then you likely frequent The Daily Bell. Their journos have tirelessly shed light on the elites’ malevolent doings since 2014, and they won’t stop until they’ve been frogmarched one by one to Room 101. If we listed all of the topics The Daily Bell team dauntlessly tackles, then Google would no doubt assign a sextuple-digit ranking to this webpage.
The Daily Bell cannot sell out. No fast food chain would put their logo on a set of collectable glasses. No insurance company would dream of placing an ad next to an article by an anti-globalist. But The Daily Bell can put their brand on high-quality merchandise and graciously ask you to support their mission. And here you have it!